Full mouth rehabilitation using zygomatic, pterygoid, and conventional implants, in severely atrophic maxilla and mandible.

Case Study: Before Full Mouth Rehabilitation
patient case
Pre-op X-ray

A young adult patient (Male, 45) was faced with the significant loss of most of his teeth and experienced extensive bone loss in his upper jaw. This unfortunately meant that conventional dental implants weren’t a viable option. However, we were not deterred and instead opted for a highly innovative approach: zygomatic and pterygoid implants.

before implants
Before Implants Attachment
implant x-ray
Implant X-Ray

These implants engage the zygoma (cheekbone) and pterygoid (a region deep in the back of the upper jaw), providing a solid foundation for replacement teeth. The best part? This process allowed us to provide our patient with a brand new set of teeth within just a week!

post op
after implant

Today, the patient not only showcases a bright, renewed smile but also enjoys the confidence and freedom to eat comfortably. Our mission is always to overcome challenges and restore both the function and aesthetics of our patient’s smiles, and it’s moments like these that make our work profoundly rewarding.

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