Demystifying Root Canal Treatment: Your Top Questions Answered.

In the sphere of dental health, there’s one phrase that often makes people a bit nervous – ‘root canal treatment.’ However, understanding what a root canal is, why it’s necessary, and how it’s performed can alleviate much of the anxiety surrounding it. Here are some common questions about root canal treatment answered for you.

Root Canal Treatment

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal is a dental procedure aimed at treating infection or inflammation in the center of the tooth, known as the pulp. Contrary to common perception, a root canal is similar to a routine filling and can usually be completed in one or two appointments, depending on the condition of your tooth and personal circumstances.

Why might I need a root canal?

If the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, or a chip or crack in the tooth, a root canal becomes necessary. Without treatment, pulp infection can result in an abscess or severe pain.

Does a root canal hurt?

The root canal procedure has an infamous reputation for being painful. However, with modern technology and anesthetics, a root canal is now as comfortable as getting a filling. The discomfort experienced in the period leading up to dental treatment is truly the pain that you need to be concerned about, not the procedure itself.

What happens during a root canal?

During a root canal, your dentist removes the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleans and shapes the inside of the tooth, then fills and seals the space. Afterward, you will need a crown or filling for protection, and the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

How long does a root canal last?

With proper care, most teeth that have undergone a root canal treatment can last a lifetime. The key is to practice good oral hygiene, which includes brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and scheduling regular dental visits.

What is the success rate of a root canal?

A root canal is a highly successful procedure with more than a 95% success rate. Many teeth fixed with a root canal can last a lifetime.

What are the alternatives to a root canal?

The main alternative to a root canal is extracting the infected tooth. However, this is generally considered a last resort as it can lead to other oral health issues such as difficulty chewing and misalignment of remaining teeth.

How much does root canal treatment cost in Bangalore?

The cost of a root canal treatment in a metropolitan city in India could vary significantly based on several factors. These include the complexity of the treatment, the expertise of the dentist, the reputation of the clinic, and the city itself. Generally speaking, you could expect the cost to be anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7,000 per tooth without a crown.

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